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Save A Sugar Glider Gold Bracelet

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Over 40,000+ Sugar Glider Habitats Saved Since Opening in 2020 

Help rebuild the Sugar Gliders Habitat

Feeding an Australian Injured Sugar Glider - YouTube

 When you purchase the Sugar Glider Gold Bracelet you are helping to rebuild the habitat of our beloved Sugar Gliders. This bracelet was handmade, and was created to honor one of Australia's most beloved marsupials.

Medical Issues & Information – Sugar Glider Guardians

Most Australians are familiar with the cute, nectar-loving sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps), a marsupial denizen of forests in eastern and northern Australia.

However, our new study shows the sugar glider is actually three genetically and physically distinct species: Petaurus breviceps and two new species, Krefft’s glider (Petaurus notatus) and the savanna glider (Petaurus ariel).

This discovery has meant the distribution of the sugar glider has substantially reduced, and it’s now limited only to coastal regions in southeastern Australia. The devastating bushfires last summer hit this part of Australia hard.

- TheConversation



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