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The whole world watched as the Australian outback was decimated by brushfires in 2019. So many generations of history within the rich land, the ancient trees that spotted the sprawling landscape, all of it gone. Burnt to dust. The billions of animals who called the outback home gone too; from either being unable to escape the inferno of flames or having their natural habitats destroyed.

But what could we do? Once the final ash fell, we were left with barren, lifeless land, and a government that was taking no action. The world watched us again, as those who had the ability to act, failed to do so. An opportunity had presented itself in this moment. For a group of people to act and help this beautiful landscape and the life that once inhabited it to have a rebirth.

In January 2020, Reforest Bracelets was born with the purpose of bringing together a community of people whose actions show they care. Reforest Bracelets started selling bracelets with a purpose; giving back to the land that gave so much to us. One bracelet, one tree. That was our mantra, and exactly what we did. For every bracelet sold, we planted one tree within the land that lost so much.

We were amazed by the overwhelming response, and within a few short weeks were able to plant thousands of trees. This allows us to make a true difference in Australia through the kindness and generosity of our customers.

Reforest Bracelets is not non-profit and we do not accept donations. As a purpose-driven foundation, we were founded on the belief that business can be a force for good. We fund tree planting through the sale of items in our store. With your help and that of our planting partners, we’re able to make a positive impact in the world.

In our first year, we planted almost 25,000 trees and created an entire community of 18,000 strong. And when wildfire season began in California, our community of planters came together to plant almost 6,000 trees in California alone.

Every person who buys a Reforest Bracelet is bonded in the community of others who wear the string on their wrist. “One bracelet, one tree.”