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Our Story

We all watched the Australian outback become decimated by historical bushfires. Millions of acres once littered with ancient trees completely turned into dust. Billions of animal lives lost. Babies losing their mothers never able to feel their warm embrace again. It seemed that we were ready for a change. However, as politicians' virtue signaled and governments stood idle, we realized that change must start from the bottom. 

In January 2020, Reforest Bracelets was born as a way for regular, everyday citizens to make an impact in Australia and build a community of those who truly care. We began to sell bracelets that each planted one tree giving a way for anyone to make a direct impact.

We were truly amazed by the response we received and within a few short weeks, we were able to plant thousands of trees and begin to truly make a difference in Australia with the help of our amazing customers. 


In our first year, we had already planted almost 25,000 trees and created a community of 18,000 strong. Then, when the wildfire season began in California, our community of tree planters came together again to make a difference. Planting almost 6,000 trees in California alone. 


The best part is that all of these wonderful people were now connected. Bound by a piece of string on their wrist, our strong community of planters began to spread the message far and wide. They told others about the “One bracelet, One tree” offer and the mission grew stronger and stronger. It feels great to make a difference.