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We fund tree planting through the sale of items in our store. With your help and that of our planting partners, we’re able to make a positive impact in the world.


 Trees Planted To Date 


How Are Your Trees Planted?

You may be wondering how exactly your bracelet purchase gets turned into a tree…

Reforest Bracelets is an official partner with One Tree Planted, a tree-planting charity. At the end of each month when we know how many products have been purchased on our site, we work with One Tree Planted to figure out the best place for the same number of trees to be planted.

We then make our donation to One Tree Planted for that month. They then hire local, indigenous peoples and volunteers to plant the trees.

Once those trees are in the soil and thriving, our reforestation partner shares information about the planting operations such as; tree species being planted, expected survival rates, and community benefits. Which is all passed on to those who bought products that month. 

Reforest Bracelets is an official business partner of One Tree Planted.

Our Story

In January 2020, Reforest Bracelets was born with the purpose of bringing together a community of people whose actions show they care. Reforest Bracelets started selling bracelets with a purpose; giving back to the land that gave so much to us. One bracelet, one tree. That was our mantra, and exactly what we did. For every bracelet sold, we planted one tree within the land that lost so much.


Why Plant Trees?

Filters Our Air

Trees filter the air we breathe, by absorbing harmful pollutants and releasing clean, breathable oxygen back into our atmosphere. Planting strong, healthy trees helps to offset carbon emissions and reduce the effects of climate change.

Provides Habitats

Trees provide homes to over 80% of the earth’s land-based life. One single tree can provide shelter to hundreds of species of life. Deforestation causes extinction and reduces biodiversity. 

Protects From Natural Disasters

Trees also reduce the effects of natural disasters. Strong and resilient trees can absorb more than 15,000 liters of water every year. Don’t forget that healthy trees are less susceptible to wildfires and can even protect locals and animal life from smoke.